Change your world from the inside out.

Change your world from the inside out.

Change your world from the inside out.Change your world from the inside out.Change your world from the inside out.

 Sophia is the Greek name for Wisdom,  the breath of the power of God, a reflection of the working of God’s goodness. 

About Sophia's Peace

Tai Chi


Peace in Motion is an introduction to qigong, tai chi and other meditative movements. Learn the slow, relaxing movements that have numerous benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Unblock the flow of peace. 

Stress Management

The Missing Peace is a holistic stress management workshop focusing on the 4 Steps to CALM.  Fun and interactive! Recover joy and peace in your life.


Coming  is a novel by Susan Marting.  It is the inspiring story of one woman’s efforts to find peace within herself and her world. Beginning with the arrival of a stranger at her door who claims to be Jesus and challenges her to prepare the world for his coming, the woman embarks on a forty day journey of self-discovery while working to transform the world from one of fear and conflict to one of cooperation and compassion. Coming is an endearing tale of spiritual insight, leaving the reader filled with hope for a peaceful planet. 

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Please try any tai chi classes that are convenient.  No reservation, commitment or equipment necessary.  

All classes are in the St. Louis, MO area and are $5/person/class, open to the public, unless otherwise stated.

 Due to family illness, I am currently on sabbatical from teaching my regular classes.  However, I am available to teach single classes at workshops, retreats or meetings.  

Meet The Instructor

Susan Marting has a degree from the University of Missouri in Health Science, and a certificate in Stress Management Instruction from the National Wellness Institute. 

 She has taught holistic stress management courses for over 30 years, 

and has taught tai chi for 15 years.